106. Extra Magic

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

The flow for creating a new web page on Paper Website is slowly becoming more automated.

I'm currently beta testing a feature that lets me upload this page directly to my daily blog feed if I wanted to. All I need to do is write the post on paper, and it could be instantly live on the web.

Beta auto-publish to blog feed feature
Beta auto-publish to blog feed feature

However, I still need to go into the paper website editor on my browser to add headings, links, italics, and edit any spelling mistakes. Therefore, I'm too scared to just let it instantly go live, so I've coded in an intermediary draft / publish step.

This is still too much friction though, I'm literally having to switch from one device (my phone) to take the picture of my page, to my laptop in order to style and edit it.

Therefore, I'm now thinking of prioritising making the app experience much better - allowing a user to do everything that they can already do in the browser dashboard: edit, view analytics, send newsletters.

I think this would be a lot more magical. I'm pretty excited by the shift. The goal is just to be able to publish websites just using your phone, a notebook, and a pen!

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