139. First Paid Writing Gig

Thursday, June 9th, 2022

OK, implementing server-side rendering with Angular Universal is fiddly, not as easy as I thought - still working on it.

Something I've been doing in the meantime to distract me from the sea of red node.js logs is writing, in fact:

I'm currently doing my first ever paid writing gig!

It actually feels bizarre being paid to do something other than coding; I've known nothing else.

The great thing is though, it's not an advert, or a review, or a promotion; I'm writing what I want to write about, and it's for a pretty cool publisher.

I have a deadline, a word limit, and editors - it's nuts.

Anyway, the topic I'm writing about is the trend of developers building and launching lots of products instead of just 1.

Think Pieter Levels, Daniel Vasallo, Dan Rowden, Tiny Projects.

If you're a developer building lots of things, I'd love for you to email me and let me know your answer to this question:

"Why are you building multiple side projects instead of just 1?"

Thank you!

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