Pumping Out Thumbnails

Friday August 5th, 2022

For the past 5 days I've woken up and spent around 3 hours each morning in Photoshop creating thumbnails like these for all the prompts being submitted.

I kinda enjoy it, I just listen to podcasts and drink coffee at the same time - it's very chill.

I'm doing this for two reasons:

1. Makes the store look nicer - I can't trust users to make these (yet).

2. Hopefully makes the prompts more appealing to buy, meaning prompt sellers generate more income and write more prompts.

Fun fact: Back in the golden era of 2010, I used to play a game called RuneScape a lot - so much so, that me and a couple of friends started making videos about it and posting them to YouTube (we hit about 6k subscribers!).

I probably made around 100 video thumbnails back then, it's very funny that this random skill has come into good use again.

Now at 75 prompts listed!

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