Back From India

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

Back from India!

Had a great time - way too much happened to fit into a daily blog.

In total we drove 3,700km in our rickshaw from the south (Kochi) to the north (Jaisalmer), swinging by the Taj Mahal along the way.

With a top speed of 55 kmph, it took about 2 weeks of solid driving. Crazy roads: cows, dogs, potholes, camels and even elephants everywhere that you need to dodge.

Only broke down once - Indian people are the most friendly people I've ever met so had lots of help to fix.

Our rickshaw was designed by a Dall-E prompt! which you can of course buy on PromptBase.

Leading onto PromptBase - the entire time I was gone it grew like crazy - it was actually pretty stressful not being at a keyboard whilst it was happening.

I'll report back in the next post with some stats.

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