Hire a Prompt Engineer

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

Just launched! A brand new section in PromptBase: Hire a Prompt Engineer:  https://promptbase.com/hire

Instead of buying a standalone prompt file, you can commission a talented prompt engineer on PromptBase to create a prompt for you.

You can find a Prompt Engineer you like via their profile.

Then start a chat with them and pre-pay for your prompt, then the prompt engineer creates your prompt for you.

It's a brand new income stream for a prompt engineer - and potentially the first place on the internet to hire one.

Very excited to see how it goes. I've had quite a few emails from both buyers and sellers requesting this feature - so I'm confident the demand is there.

Building this was challenging but pretty fun - I basically created my own WhatsApp clone with integrated payments for the chat window.

The best thing was - I launched this hire page by messaging the 100 top sellers through my own chat feature. It was so awesome to speak with some of these insanely talented people, and a great way to get feedback.

I'll report back on how it goes, and hopefully return to more regular updates on this blog!

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