51. Implementing Paper Website Feedback

Thursday November 25th 2021

The best thing about launching really fast is that I got a ton of feedback on Paper Website really fast, both from what people have told me, and from looking at all the website data. Yesterday I went through and implemented changes for this feedback.

The most common feedback I got during launch was: "My handwriting sucks - it's not going to work with this because OCR is terrible". To fix this, I've added some text on the homepage to reassure that it does work even with scruffy handwriting.

I've also brought back my demo page.

The demo page lets anyone create a test webpage using Paper Website. I used to have it on my homepage, but I removed it because I thought it gave away too much free value. Now it's back, and will hopefully reassure those people with bad handwriting.

Another fix I've implemented is to try and improve website conversion rates. Currently it's terrible, sitting at 0.14%.

I've noticed that a lot of people sign up to the $99/year annual plan, but not many to the $10/mo monthly plan. I also have another secret plan called the "7-day free trial", which costs $1, and then would auto-upgrade to a monthly plan after 7 days.

I tucked this free trial away on a tiny link in the nav menu, but despite this, several people found it and purchased it for $1, with a lot of them upgrading at the end of it.

Now, what I've done is removed the $1 fee (it was dumb, there was already enough friction entering card details) and I've combined the 7-day trial into the monthly plan, and put it in a much more visible place of the shop page.

This feels good, and will hopefully give someone more trust when signing up. We'll wait and see for some results.

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