57. Moving to Australia.

December 9th 2021

This morning I booked a one-way ticket from London to Sydney. Next year (literally on Jan. 1st), I'll be living in Australia on the east coast, a couple of hours north of Brisbane!

It's very exciting. I'll be living there for a year. My girlfriend is a doctor and has a placement in a hospital, and I'm just bringing my laptop and coming along for the ride.

We've been trying to make this move for a few months now - but COVID has meant we couldn't enter the country. I still wouldn't be surprised if Australia closes down again before we go because of the new variant.

I'm going to be working remotely for my regular job - the only issue is time zones and scheduling meetings - otherwise, not much is going to change.

I'm going to miss England, but I'm excited for a change and some new scenery.

Am I a digital nomad now?

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