70. How much $ I made in December

Friday, January 7th, 2021

December was a crazy month for me, I released a blog post that hit #1 on Hacker News and Reddit, combined with people buying my products as gifts for Christmas.

A few days ago, I got some notifications on my phone telling me that Stripe had sent over my earnings for the month - always exciting.

I set my pay-outs to always happen in one go at the end of the month, both for the thrill of the big values, and the thrill I'll get when it makes doing the accounting easier.

Here's what I made in December 2021:

£3674.55 in total, which is $4,970.91 - nearly $5k at a better exchange rate! The £585.65 payment was from Mailoji, and the other two payments are for Paper Website.

The most exciting thing is that this is recurring revenue - as long as churn isn't horrendous, I'll hopefully make a similar amount in December 2022, and it will continue to compound - the beauty of SaaS.

This money is going to be invested straight back into Tiny Projects. So far, the only money I've spent on myself is buying a $70 mechanical keyboard. So far, I've spent most of the earnings on emoji domains..

Which reminds me, something insane (and not good) is happening with Mailoji at the moment, but I will write about it next week.

P.S you can still nominate Paper Website and Mailoji at Product Hunt's golden kitty awards! If you have a spare moment, I'd really appreciate the support! Thank you.  

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