73. Tweet Marketing

Wednesday January 12th, 2022

Byron Bay, NSW
Byron Bay, NSW

Had another good day of Paper Website sales yesterday after a tweet I made about hitting $10K ARR went viral.

Twitter is such a good marketing channel, but it's so random.

I'm definitely yet to find a nice, consistent marketing channel for Paper Website. Part of the problem is I have a very weird target audience.

My current definition is "people who like physical things and enjoy using less technology". I thought these people were called "digital minimalists", but it's hard to find them.

This is why I think Twitter is working so well. I'm exactly the person who would use Paper Website, so I guess I attract people with similar interests.

The tweet I posted yesterday was super indirect. It mentioned nothing about buying Paper Website or offering a special deal. It just said "Paper Website is making $10,000/year 🎉".

However, it got 65,000 impressions, which is huge! and there's a high chance some interested customers lurking in that audience.

It reminds me of a post from Alex West's daily blog:

"It pains me to say, but the cold harsh truth is that just tweeting and word of mouth (which isn't me doing anything) does 80% of the work.

My job is mostly tweeting.. Which is kinda embarrassing. But also exciting."

If you haven't read Alex's blog, it's amazing- it's the inspiration behind Tiny Projects!

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