75. Goldfish Side-Hustle

Friday, January 14th, 2022

Yesterday I moved into my new home that I'll hopefully live in for the next year!

It is incredible here - by far the nicest place I have ever lived. I'm paying the same as I did for a small room in a shared flat in Bristol, but here I get a house, a garden, and a pool, all about a 20-minute walk from the beach.

This is going to be both my home, and my office, which makes me incredibly excited to start working on various things.

The funniest thing about this house so far is that I've inherited about 20 goldfish. Technically, these are my first ever pets.

Apparently they have a lot of babies, so I've been instructed to either give them away.. or sell them!

If you live in Australia and are in the market for a fish, let me know. This could be the start of a flourishing new side-business.

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