10. Paid Ads

Friday, September 24th, 2021

The Mailoji email offer continued well yesterday, resulting in around +$400 ARR for the whole campaign - not bad for one email.

Last night I also sold my first 5 year email address. In other words, a customer paid for 5 years worth of subscription upfront. There's no discount for it (it costs $10 for 1 year. $50 for 5 years) I just added it in to capture some extra value.

I have begun trialling some paid Facebook ads on Paper Website. They always scare me as it could literally be burning money. So far, I have spent £22.07 for 27 link clicks and no results.

I'm currently targeting people who are interested in Productivity and Writing, and also an intersection of the two. I think my ad copy is bad, and definitely could be improved. What do you think?


I'm planning to test this with about £200 of ad spend, then call it quits. I might go back to a Freemium model if it fails. So far, that's the only way I've got a sale.

This is the second week writing a blog from my journal using pen and paper. What do you think so far? Thank you to everyone who's subscribed by email!

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