104. Mailoji Churn

Monday, March 14th, 2022

The past week I've been chilling out, playing a lot of Elden Ring, and visiting Brisbane.

There's not been a lot of tiny project work, but despite this, Mailoji successfully had its big subscription renewal from a Hacker News post I published last year.

Here's a podcast I did about it if you want the full story.

One year on, and every subscription renewed, about 800 over a few days.

Some people cancelled, some payments failed, but overall a lot of people stayed on board. Churn is at 20% - which I think is pretty great for a novelty email address service!

This number gives me confidence that I can just passively grow Mailoji without having to worry too much about the crazy prices I'm paying to rent emoji domains.

Here's to another year of emoji email addresses!

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