New Plan

Thursday, July 14th, 2022

I've decided to focus my tiny projects efforts on Paper Website for a bit, at least for the next couple of months - and I'm excited by this!

For now, this means I'm going to put PromptBase on the backburner.

I want to try and grow Paper Website, which, if you scroll all the way back to the start of this blog, is what I was trying to do all along.

There's two problems right now which I need to figure out.

1. People don't know what to write about, but - this is because my audience is so broad. I need to find an initial niche - e.g. travel journalers, because they know what to write about: their trip.

2. Getting people to write their first pages and set their website up, and making this as easy as possible. Most people who churn never create their first page. If I can get the user to create a couple of pages and share it with someone, I'm confident they'll stick around.

I tweeted in January Paper Website was at $10K ARR, and although new customers have come through the door - it's still at $10K ARR. Hopefully this is the point where that starts to change.

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