16. I Spent $720 on Notebooks

Monday, October 4th, 2021

I have done something that might be the stupidest thing ever, or could pay off really nicely. I've spent $720 purchasing 100 of my very own custom notebooks for Paper Website.

When I say custom, I mean that I have chosen the color, paper quality, number of pages, cover type, and custom debossed logo on the front. They are shipping from China through Alibaba.

The notebooks are $3.25 per unit, but I'm paying $395 for 7-day express air shipping, because I want to try this idea ASAP. The cheaper shipping option was 60 days by boat - way too long.

I should probably explain why I've done this.

Well, firstly, I think paper websites work best when you have a brand new notebook to start your website in. There's something about a fresh, new notebook that's enticing. It's waiting to be filled with ideas. You're much more likely to use your dedicated website notebook, and use it more seriously, compared to dossing about on a piece of paper.

The second reason is cost. I sold my first annual plan last week which came with a free Moleskine notebook. It cost me $30 in total to get that notebook to a guy in America (almost half the price of the annual plan). It's pricey!

Using another brand's notebooks also feels a bit strange. I have no deal with Moleskine. They are doing great in this "partnership". I also have no control on the delivery of the notebook.

The final reason is ego-driven. It would be awesome to have my own notebooks for Paper Website. Seriously, how cool would it be to have an actual physical product?!

It's an idea I've had since I first started building Paper Website. I've been on the fence, but now there's been a couple of sales, I'm all in.

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