15. Three weeks of paper blogging

Friday, October 1st, 2021

This is the end of my third week writing this daily blog from my notebook, and testing out my product Paper Website.

I've got to say (although I'm VERY biased) that I absolutely love it. There's no way I would have written this much usually. I've published more on this daily blog in three weeks than I have to Tiny Projects in 1 year.

It's becoming a daily habit. I wake up, make a coffee, then just stream my thoughts onto a page. It's quite liberating, I sort of don't care what I write because I know I'm going to write something new tomorrow.

I make minor edits in the Paper website editor, but otherwise I write, take a picture of my page, publish, and just get on with my day.

Some random benefits I didn't realize would happen is that my writing has improved - I'm not as lost for words, they just flow more nicely out of my brain now. I think you'd get this normally if you wrote everyday though.

The other benefit is, and this comes with the fact this is a website, is that I feel accountable. I write what I'm going to do for the day, and it's live for everyone to see. I feel guilty if I don't get something done, and it fills me with joy to report back on experiments I try the next day.

It's also given me immense joy watching the numbers grow on this daily blog. I haven't advertised it anywhere (yet) - it's just a small link at the top of Tiny Projects.

I now also have a massive 7 email subscribers. Thank you if that's you! I love hitting send on these blog posts each day.

I think I'm onto something with Paper Website, it's just a slow burner. Once you get into it, it's addicting.

I'm excited.

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