Whale Alert

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

This weekend I went and watched some Whales - they were awesome!

I've pretty much ticked off every major Australian animal at this point, except maybe a snake (but all good on that one).

I also spent some time trying to automate away PromptBase tasks that were taking too long.

A basic example is creating the URL slugs for each prompt page, e.g.  e.g. https://promptbase.com/prompt/rpg-item-icons

Previously I would manually type these slugs, e.g. if a prompt was called "Retro Synthwave Animals" I'd hand type out an appropriate slug, like "retro-synthwave-animals".

Sure, this doesn't take too long - but it was adding up over time.

Now I just click a button (same with tags). It's so much faster!

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