Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

More PromptBase features - one I'd been lacking for ages is search filters for categories and AI Models.

This should hopefully make things easier for a buyer, and surface prompts that otherwise wouldn't get enough views.

Speaking of which - I've been collecting "views" data for each prompt behind the scenes for a few weeks now.

Previously, the only people who could see the view numbers were me, to analyse which prompts are popular, and sellers to track how their prompts are doing.

This morning I decided to make this view number public on each prompt page to anyone.

I deliberated about this. Sharing view numbers felt odd, like perhaps it would expose PromptBase in some way.

But, the more I thought about it, the pros seemed to outweigh the cons.

Personally, I think if I saw that a lot of people had viewed a page, it would give me more trust, and give me the sense that there's activity on the website.

The same way you might be more excited/trust a YouTube video more if it had 10M views instead of not knowing the view count.

I'm going to monitor this - I can always change it back. But, interested to hear your thoughts - show views or hide views?

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