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Monday, December 12th, 2022

The WiFi at my new place became so slow, that I'm now staying in an AirBnB for a few days whilst better internet gets set up.

It's great! I can see and hear the sea from my new tiny desk.

This weekend I automated away PromptBase's social media posts.

Each day, I still post a single collage of a prompt featured on the site.

Some recent Instagram posts
Some recent Instagram posts

However - increasingly, I was finding that I'd get to the end of a day, about to go to sleep, then, realising I forgot to post anything, have to spend 10 tired minutes making a post.

Now, at 8 pm each day, my robot social media consultant posts to Instagram and Twitter for me. I just flag prompts that I want it to post. Way easier!

It even uses AI to choose an appropriate emoji for the post!

I did not choose those emojis!
I did not choose those emojis!

I'm pretty stingy, so I did this through the official APIs instead of paying for a scheduling tool - but, I can see why they exist now.

The Facebook/Instagram API in particular is one of the most confusing APIs to set up that I've ever tried.

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