Prompt Editing

Wednesday, January 4th, 2022

Yesterday I launched a feature that allows users to edit their prompts.

It sounds insane that you couldn't do this before. When a prompt went live, it was locked. You could only edit it if you sent me an email.

I got a lot of emails, and a lot of requests for this feature...

The reason it took so long was because this wasn't just a simple database update - there were a few things to consider.


  1. How can you ensure an updated prompt works?
  2. How can you ensure an update doesn't change the description of the prompt to make it misleading?
  3. How do you issue an updated prompt to previous buyers?

Basically this was solved by introducing a new "micro review" process if specific updates are made (title, prompt or images) - a bit like how Apple reviews app updates.

Some other cool benefits of this feature is that users can edit their own prices now, which should be positive for revenue, e.g. if someone's prompt gets popular they could increase the price, and the opposite if it's not getting many sales.

Prompts that get declined can also be edited and re-reviewed, whereas previously you'd have to re-submit a completely new prompt - a lot nicer!

Generally I'm finding updates like this require a lot more consideration now. The PromptBase Marketplace is like a living, breathing beast - I don't want to anger it!

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