3. First Users

Wednesday, September 15th 2021

Yesterday was a great success! My aim was to get 1 user for Paper Website. But as of this morning I have 9 (all free for now).

I did 2 things. Firstly, I whipped up a short TikTok video about Paper Website and posted it online around 5 pm. It's currently sitting on 238 views and 4 likes. Not a viral banger but okay.

Secondly, just as I was about to switch off for the evening, I noticed there was a trending post on Hacker News about tips for journaling. I jumped on it early and posted a link to Paper Website.

Basically, it worked very well - it's the top comment, and is still bringing in 60 - 80 website visits an hour. All the comments are really nice too! (This was not the case with Mailoji..).

Although I have 9 users, none of them have created a blog post yet. I think this is because there's so many hurdles like creating your blog post, downloading the camera app, editing etc. etc. Maybe these people signed up and were planning to use it later, it does make sense.

I think I'm going to create some sort of automated email system that prompts people to write each morning. If people regularly start using Paper website then that's where things will get interesting.

My goal for the end of the day is to add these email notifications and get at least one user to write a blog post.

Here's my view by the way!

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