32. When I'm going to launch my next Tiny Project

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

I received a notification that my 100 custom Paper Website notebooks will be flying in from China and delivered to me in England on November 1st - i.e. next Monday.

This is great news, and the factory I bought them from has been completely on schedule. This also means I can set a launch date!

My plan is to create some promotional videos once I have these notebooks, which should hopefully take a few days tops.

Therefore, I am going to initially launch on Twitter on Tuesday November 9th, then hopefully I will make at least 1 sale with these new notebooks and test shipping one. Hopefully this isn't too hard, and I can just drop it off in a post-box down the road - but who knows.

Then, the week after on November 17th, I will launch on Product Hunt, Hacker News, Reddit, etc.

It will be a massive relief to finally get it launched properly - waiting this long is not the Tiny Projects way! However, the extra time I've spent to refine the product has 100% been worth it, and will hopefully make the launch more impactful.

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