36. Movie Making

Wednesday November 3rd 2021

This morning I recorded all the footage I needed to make a launch trailer for Paper Website.

I have videos I've made before, but this will be the first one using the custom notebooks I've ordered.

I had some problems with light, I started working at around 8am, and it was quite cloudy and grey outside - making the visuals a bit dull. I took some product shots using a photobox for an hour or so, and finally around 10am it was bright enough outdoors to film.

A product shot that I'm editing
A product shot that I'm editing

I recorded 4 scenes of various notebooks being turned into a website: a tiny projects post, travel blog, a sports blog, and a recipe. I'm hoping the variation will allow people to imagine what they could make.

All that is left to do now is edit, which I actually love to do (apart from the fact you can't listen to a podcast of music whilst you do it).

I also got another Paper Website customer last night. That makes 5 total! They are coming in faster every time.

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