37. Home Straight

Thursday November 4th 2021

My launch trailer for Paper Website is done! I was shocked, it took me 1 day to film and edit (while doing other work too).

I won't post it until I officially announce on November 10th, but here's a cheeky screenshot:

I could quite happily edit videos for the rest of my days if I wasn't a coder - I really enjoy it.

I'm so close to launching Paper Website now. There's not much more to do other than dot the i's and cross the t's. I've completely stopped marketing it. It's ready for a big launch.

Today I will post a teaser tweet on Twitter with an announcement date of November 10th. On that date I will just post the launch video on Twitter, and also send an email out to subscribers to the main Tiny Projects website (there's about 1.6k subscribers now I think).

The week after on November 17th I'll launch on Product Hunt and Hacker News - then I'll write a blog post summarising the whole thing.

We're on the home straight!

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