41. Launch Day

Wednesday November 10th 2021

I launched my next project, Paper Website, on Twitter. The response so far has been insane.

Here's the tweet that I posted - it took me about 3 attempts to upload the launch trailer because my internet is so shoddy at the moment:

Feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, it's so cool to see. Thanks so much if you've emailed, liked or left a comment.

Other good news, I've sold some subscriptions, which means I will be heading down to the postbox tomorrow to ship some actual, physical, real paper website notebooks!

I'm still sort of in the heart of the storm with this launch, so I will report back tomorrow with final sales figures and stats.

In fact, all day has been hectic with checking Twitter, sales and server logs every 5 minutes. Sitting here writing this blog post using pen and paper is so calming. It's exactly the reason I built Paper Website - I'm writing this with no distractions, without all the noise from the internet - it's wonderful.

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