46. Product Hunt Launch Day

Wednesday November 17th 2021

Today my tiny project Paper Website has gone live on Product Hunt.

Here's the link: https://producthunt.com/posts/paper-website

It's about 1 pm GMT, so I'm 5 hours in (out of 24). So far it's going well. I'm ranking 5th and up against some stiff competition.

I've tweeted, emailed, and posted in a couple of places to try and get the word out. It'll be interesting to see how it goes - but I'm just happy to have finally launched - I'll report back tomorrow with the full stats.

Oh, and if you're reading this and you've come from Product Hunt - hello! You're using Paper Website right now. I'm writing this blog post from my notebook using pen & paper.

Launch days are so fun. I love them.

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