48. Exhausted

Friday November 19th 2021

The last couple of days I've been taking it easy - this last week of launching was intense. Ever since the Paper Website tweet went viral, I've been kinda flat out with promo, shipping, and dev. I also have my main job going on too.

So far I've shipped about 20 Paper Website notebooks. I've sent them to nearly every continent! Australia, India, South Africa, the USA. I sent one out today to someone who lives 10 miles away from me in the next city over. It's so cool!

People have also started to make some websites - I've listed some interesting ones on the showcase section of Paper Website. It's awesome to see:

The next thing I want to do is write a full blog post about Paper Website, from coming up with the idea, to building it, marketing it and launching it. Basically, what I've done with all the other projects I've built.

Hopefully by doing this, I'll be able to fully assess what I want to do next with the project. I haven't written a post like this since May - so I'm probably a bit rusty (or maybe not because of this daily blog).

I'm going to have a well deserved rest this weekend. See you Monday!

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