49. Unbiased thoughts on Web3

Monday November 22nd 2021

Had a very chill weekend - and I'm still off for a couple of days. Today I'm going to climb a small mountain in South Wales (although it might be classed as a large hill).

Using this Paper Website is actually super convenient to blast out a small daily post before I set off.

Yesterday, I decided to dip my toes in and try to learn about building on Ethereum. I'm a bit of a web3 sceptic - but to be honest I'd never tried it. It's really hard to find good information about practical uses of it online - or what it actually is for that matter. Everyone is just arguing whether or not this is the future of the Internet or shouting about their NFT gains.

Therefore, I figured the best way to make a decision about it was to try and build something on it. Having that tiny bit of extra knowledge could be a massive advantage. I haven't got far yet, but testing out other decentralized apps (not even sure if they are truly decentralized at this point) - I've seen two cool things which no one is really talking about.

Firstly, being able to login to a website with a single click with a wallet is really nice. You have to have a wallet extension installed, but then its seamless - the page doesn't even need to reload. For a user, signing up feels frictionless.

Second, being able to send money (crypto) and pay for something with one click - no entering credit card details etc, is also seamless. You do have to pay gas fees though, which are expensive, and sometimes much higher than the thing you're buying.

That's it so far - both of these seem good for business to me and reduce a lot of friction for a user. This won't turn into a web3 blog though, don't worry - but I'll try and report unbiasedly on it if something comes up.

Now, I'm off to climb a mountain!

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