61. Paper Website Gifts

Tuesday December 21st 2021

Something interesting happening at the moment is that a lot of people have been buying my Tiny Project products as gifts for Christmas.

On Mailoji for example, I have seen people purchase many similar emoji email addresses at once that look like gifts for a team within a company or something.

I have a gifting feature built into Mailoji which makes sending a gift super easy. However, with Paper Website things were more awkward.

I was getting lots of "how do I send this as a gift" enquiries, so my temporary solution was for the customer to purchase a paper website, then I'd switch over the email address on the account to the person they were sending the gift to. This meant that the gift receiver could take over control of the paper website.

This wasn't ideal - an account switch is not the nicest way to receive a gift, and required my manual input to make the switch.

Therefore, over the weekend I decided to build a fully automated gift system.

Now, you can select "This item is a gift" as an option at checkout. This lets you schedule a Paper Website gift code to be sent out to someone at a certain time and date. You can even include a little message with the gift.

The code can then be redeemed for an Ultimate Plan, which includes a year-long Paper Website subscription, a free domain name, and a free notebook.

This is much nicer for the gift sender and receiver, and makes my life a lot easier (no more manually switching email addresses).

I'm obviously biased, but I think a paper website makes a great unique gift. I'm excited to see how this feature performs - I'll report back!

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