64. I made it to Australia

Thursday December 30th 2021

G'day! I made it to Australia! I'm currently writing this from my Airbnb in Sydney - a.k.a. Down Under.

My body clock is destroyed, but it's so awesome to be here. The journey took 30 hours plus a stop in Dubai, but otherwise it went very smoothly.

Initial impressions of Sydney have been amazing! The weather is a toasty 26℃, I woke up to the sound of tropical birds, and everyone is incredibly nice.

I share my name with a famous English cricketer, and have had a 100% success rate with Australian officials commenting on it whenever I hand over my passport - which is very funny.

Unfortunately, I now need to self-isolate until I get some results back for a PCR test (just a standard thing you need to do when you enter the country). So, until then I'm stuck inside - I'm so keen to get out and explore more though.

A lot of cool Tiny Project things have been happening to keep me busy though, which I'll write about tomorrow!

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