78. Bugs

Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Yesterday I did my first proper bit of dev work on Paper Website since moving to Australia.

Over the past month I've accumulated a massive list of feature requests from users, which is great - I know exactly what people want, and what to execute on first.

I'd also clocked up a big list of bugs, so during my session yesterday that's pretty much all I did: fix bugs.

I have a core group of users in a Facebook group, so I decided that this is where I'd post change logs and bug fixes from now on.

I've also been fighting real bugs, I was unprepared for just how many different ones there would be in Australia.

In England, you might get a fly in your house, but yesterday afternoon a dragonfly the size of a DVD case got stuck indoors and I had to get it out with a Tupperware box.

In the evening I chased out a huge toad from my garage, then took out a huntsman spider with a mop, before going to clean my teeth, and discovering a cockroach on the floor.

There's also several house geckos, but I have let them live in peace for now because they eat other bugs - it's manic.

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