79. The Great Sub Renewal

Thursday, January 20th, 2022

On February 1st a great event is going to take place: the first ever Mailoji subscription will renew, and it will generate its first recurring revenue.

Emoji email addresses are all on $10/year annual plans, so up until now (because I've been running it for 11 months), every customer is new.

I'm pretty nervous about this - a year is a long time. There are over 1,500 subscribers now, so a lot could go wrong.

This is what I think might happen:

  1. Lots of card payments fail because it's been a year and they've expired.
  2. People immediately cancel after the payment happens.
  3. I get bombarded with emails asking for refunds because they forgot about the subscription.

It's pessimistic, but I'm worried. There's a day where Mailoji went viral on Hacker News (March 11th) where about 800 subscriptions were created across 3 days - I am terrified for what might happen when they renew this year!

Yesterday I added reminder emails for upcoming renewals and expiring cards - and also emails about failed payments and how to update your card info. I think I've done the best I can.

I'll feel a lot better once just 1 subscription renews successfully.

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