80. Brainstorm

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Yesterday, I set aside an hour to brainstorm tiny projects. It was nice! I whipped up a tea and just had a good think.

The things I was trying to figure out were:

1. Do I buckle down and focus fully on Paper Website - I've got a good thing going - why am I even thinking about starting new things?

2. These "new projects" I'm working on - am I excited enough about them?

I realised the answer to question 2 was no, I was not feeling excited, which is why I was asking question 1. Because, I can totally manage several tiny projects at once - I'd get bored just doing one thing.

I've parked my "boring" idea for now, and moved onto something else, which I am feeling more excited about, so overall good brainstorm session.

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