81. Sale-First Validating

Monday, January 24th, 2022

My Australia weekend plans basically now consist of picking a beach, driving to that beach, then chilling on said beach. It's incredibly relaxing. I read a lot, listen to a bunch of podcasts, and feel fully reset on Monday.

This weekend I did do a tiny bit of Tiny Projects stuff too. Although what I did was small - it was quite a significant step!

I sent out some emails trying to validate this new idea. Not only that, I'm trying to close a sale before I even write a single line of code.

It's a totally different tactic to what I usually do, and feels a bit cheeky.

People preach this validation-fist methodology a lot - however, I've always been firmly in the camp of "build an MVP first at least".

Perhaps it's because this idea is more suited to a sale-first validation, or I just feel a bit burnt out from coding, but I'm starting to see why it could be powerful.

I'll report back if I make a sale, and also share this idea soon!

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