8. Mailoji Update

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

I took a brief detour from Paper Website yesterday to add some new features to Mailoji.

I've barely given any updates on my emoji email address service since I launched it, but I'm happy to report it's doing well! ARR slowly grows each month with not too much work. It's currently sitting at around $13k ARR.

Since launch, you can now choose from around 700 emoji domains. As well as Kazakhstan .kz extensions, there's also .fm, .to .gg and .je. The most popular email address is still @🚀.kz (had to type that one), which brings in a staggering $1.7k/yr on its own - a tiny start-up in itself.

The coolest feature I've added is the ability to register emoji@emoji email addresses (e.g. 👋@✉️.gg). It was hard to do. In the end I hired a Russian guy from Upwork to build me my own custom email server.

Anyway, since launching Mailoji I've gathered an email list of over 1600 users, and I've not contacted them once. Yesterday I decided to change that and let them know about emoji@emoji email addresses, and hopefully get some new sales.

However, to maximise the effectiveness of this email, I wanted to have a code that would give these users a discount (I'm going for 30%).

I recently built my own checkout for Mailoji (Stripe checkout wasn't cutting it...) but didn't bother adding a coupon feature. It's almost done - and I'm very interested to see what happens when I press send!

A few more people are finding this daily blog now, hello if that's you! Welcome to the club!

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