95. Card Decline Conclusion

Friday, February 11th, 2022

My investigator from Stripe couldn't find out why I was getting such a high decline rate for my Mailoji renewing subscriptions - meaning I'm back to the square one advice of "ask your customers to contact their bank and ask why their payment was declined" - which is of course, totally unreasonable for so many customers.

I've accepted that this is just something I've got to deal with for now. This wave of failed payments were all from customers acquired through TikTok, so perhaps they are more prone to declined cards as it's a younger audience.

Something I've done which has helped is to send myself email alerts whenever a payment gets declined, and tells me the reason why.

It's helped me feel more in control of the situation, instead of randomly checking the Stripe Dashboard and seeing a sea of red failed payments and freaking out.

Anyway, this is the end of this failed payments saga. I want to focus my attention back to other things. I might start building this new project this weekend.

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