99. Scaling Issues

Thursday, February 24th, 2022

Slowly getting back into the tiny projects groove after a week off. Yesterday I made some tweaks to Paper Website behind the scenes to deal with some scaling issues.

I never imagined I'd hit almost 100 paper blog posts. As I've written more, this website has gotten slower and slower to render out each time I upload a post.

To combat this, I've enabled "smart rendering", to only update parts of the website that actually change.

The same thing was happening with newsletters- this daily paper website blog now has around 150 email subscribers - a number I'd never thought I'd reach.

Sending out a newsletter was getting painfully slow with my old system. Now, it's instant.

They're small changes, but help make the whole thing more magic and seamless.

Fingers crossed it actually works because this post is the first time I'm trying it live.

The sunsets here have been insane recently!
The sunsets here have been insane recently!
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