100. One Hundred

Monday, February 28, 2022

100 blog posts ago, I'd just finished building Paper Website, and started this daily blog to test it out and document its growth.

So much has happened in the 5 months since then. Paper Website has gone from 0 to over 100 paying customers, we launched and went viral, almost won an award, and I've moved to the other side of the planet.

It's great having this record to look back on - both in digital and paper form. I can flick back in my notebook to land on a date and see exactly what was going on that day.

Writing this each morning has become a part of my routine - I do it before anything else whilst drinking a coffee. It's one of my favourite parts of the day! I can't imagine not doing it now - even though it is a little bit weird.

The absolute best bit about this blog has been you on the other end reading it. At the start I was shouting into the void, writing for no one (which was still quite fun), but now, I've met some awesome people through this blog. I'm not a big tweeter - so it's been a good way to keep in touch whilst I work away on things.

Will I write 100 more? I reckon so - it will be awesome to look back and compare what Paper Website is like then and now Over time it's slowly growing and getting better, and having this record provides a lot of perspective.

One final thing, after 100 posts and so many emails about it, I've finally added next/previous post buttons to Paper Website and this blog!

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