102. Shipping Features

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Over the past few days I've bashed out some cool features for Paper Website.

The first is RSS feeds (you can now subscribe to this daily blog feed at the bottom of this website!).

The second is private websites, as a lot of people wanted to use Paper Website, but not have their writing live on the web. Not everyone is weird like me.

I'm now going to shift focus to two massively requested features that are also very difficult to build.

The first is multiple language support.

Currently, Paper Website only works in English, but I've had requests about using it in Spanish, French, and German. It would open Paper Website to whole new audiences.

The problem is - I'm not sure if this is possible because of how all the AI is trained, and je ne sais pas any other languages except basic French - making it hard to test.

The second feature is an API, so people can do Paper to code conversions with their own websites.

This one speaks to me because I'm a do-it-myself guy, and would want to build my own website this way (if I wasn't running Paper Website).

I've never built a commercial API before, but I can see it turning into a good little business. It's basically a new product using the same underlying technology, what's not to lose?

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