26. Being productive whilst waiting to launch

Monday October 18th 2021

Good Morning! I had a pretty chill weekend catching up on some work and playing a lot of New World - a game I'm still really enjoying.

I feel like I'm in a bit of a waiting period until my custom notebooks arrive for Paper Website, the new tiny project that I'm building.

My plan is to get notebooks then launch as soon as possible, as I've been waiting too long now and I just want to get it released.

Everything now feels good on the Paper to Website conversion. I deep dived into the algorithm and altered the prompt I'm using for GPT-3, which is the bit of text that contains instructions and examples to tell GPT-3 what to do. I basically added more examples and clearer instructions.

To test turning handwriting into a website, there is conveniently a subreddit called /r/handwriting. There's so many different examples and styles to choose from, but Paper Website can handle most of them. Even the bad handwriting of a 3 year old can be turned into a website - how cool is that?!

Something else I added recently was a crop feature, which has improved using Paper Website 100%. Basically, when you take a photo of your page, you need to make sure no other background text is visible, otherwise it gets picked up and confuses the system. This is usually the edge of another page, or a screen or keyboard in the background of the photo.

Previously this was quite annoying, as you needed very steady hands to take a perfect picture that didn't pick up any background text. Now through there is a cropping feature, so you can easily submit only the page you want to convert.

With little engineering to do on my tiny projects this week I think I'll just see what happens when I fully set my mind on marketing. feel usually when I market, I only speed around 30 minutes focused doing it. What happens if I do it for 4 hours? What about a whole day? I'm interested to find out.

My hand hurts, this was a longer post than I thought!

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