27. Micro-marketing

Tuesday October 19th 2021

Operation "focused marketing" went pretty well yesterday. After I finished up all my main work for the day, I went to a café, bought a coffee, and spent an hour and a half promoting Paper Website.

Strategy 1 was that I searched terms like "journaling" or "notebook writing" into Twitter, then replied to relevant new tweets with a semi-thoughtful comment and a video of the conversion process:

This method went okay - it's fun and I get a good feel for what people want, it just takes a bit of time.

Strategy 2 was finding niche subreddits - I'm talking <5k members niche. One that I found was /r/moleskine, where my post is now the top post of all time!

There's been no more sales yet, but this feels right - it's more controllable than paid ads and feels like I'm having a bigger impact and reach. I'm going to stick with this marketing mindset for the rest of the week.

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