28. Third Customer!

Wednesday October 20th, 2021

Marketing efforts are paying off! Yesterday I got my third sale, and second annual customer!

The sale came through the reddit post on /r/moleskine. It's a short 12 second video showing me converting a handwritten version of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" into a website. There's no advertising in it, it's just kind of interesting to watch.

Because there's no advertising, I think it doesn't come across as being salesy, and people just upvote because they think it's cool. In the comments of the post (which is where only interested people would go anyway), I have a link to Paper Website.

The cool thing is, I did a similar post on /r/notebooks - a much bigger subreddit with over 80k members, and it worked again! The post is trending and getting good upvotes and comments. I have now made a list of 22 subreddits to work through with this method.

I felt a lot more comfortable with this sale than the previous two. Systems were all automated so I wasn't frantically fixing things and doing things manually. The guidance on how to create your first page is also a lot more solid with a tutorial video. Basically, I'm confident a user has a lot of what they need to get started, whereas beforehand they were trying to build their website without any help.

The time I spent refining the website copy and UX also has seemed to have paid off, with conversion rates being much higher:

Granted, this is only one more sale - but I'm feeling hopeful I'm on the right track!

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