86. How Much $ I Made in January

Monday, January 31st, 2022

Just like that, we're 1 month into 2022, and now 1 month living in Australia!

January sales were a lot slower than December. I expected this because I didn't launch/publish anything. Towards the end of the month it picked up a lot though.

Mailoji did £124.75 ($167.30) in emoji email address subscriptions.

Paper Website did £1,154.20 ($1,547.90) in subscriptions.

In total this was $1,715.20, down from $5,000 last month - but still solid.

Next month Mailoji annual subscriptions will kick in giving a revenue boost, which means I might actually start seeing some nice growth and compounding for once.

I feel Paper Website is spreading nicely via word of mouth, and my regular social media posting is helping. If I can beat this month's sales in February, it's a great sign.

I think I might keep doing these summary revenue posts at the end of each month. Do you enjoy them?

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