87. One Month in Australia

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

One month ago, I packed my bags and moved from England to nomad in Australia. I can't believe it's gone so quick.

The first month was fun, but a bit hectic. I was jet-lagged, travelling up the coast, and sorting things like a house, car and bills.

Now that's all done, and I'm settled into a place, hopefully February will be a bit more calm and routine.

I've felt very relaxed since making the move. It's hard to describe, but I just generally feel a lot less stressed about things. It's like I've got a new baseline chill level.

This is probably down to the good warm weather and being outdoors more. The villa I'm living in has way more indoor/outdoor space than the cold, tiny city flats I've rented in England (despite costing the same).

If I'm feeling unproductive, or get stuck on a problem, I go for a stroll or bob about in the pool on this inflatable crocodile my friend bought me. It really does the trick.

Very excited to spend a whole year here.

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