88. Love your Tiny Project

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022

Yesterday I began work on one of the most requested features for Paper Website: blog feeds.

On the homepage of this daily blog is a list of all the paper blog posts I've written.

Every time I write a new post, I have to manually add a link to this list. Blog feeds would make the whole process automatic - I can write my post on paper and instantly have it appear in the feed.

They also open up a whole host of other exciting features I want to add, like post comments and RSS feeds.

I use Paper Website everyday - I'm a power user, and have (unsurprisingly) written more paper website pages than anyone else.

I think this is a massive advantage over people who build products they don't use themselves, or who build for an audience they don't really know.

With Paper Website, I'm genuinely excited to build a new feature because I desperately want it myself. If there's a bug, I know before anyone else.

Even if everyone unsubscribed and it was just me using it, I would! because I'm now obsessed with this pen & paper way of creating websites.

Build something you love and you'll never lose motivation to work on it. It's a superpower.

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