High Prompt Speed Reviews

Friday, October 14th, 2022

The past few mornings I've been working on an exciting new feature for PromptBase - I should hopefully be able to launch it next week!

The only reason I've been able to work on new features is because I've massively sped up the "Prompt reviewing" process that was taking up so much time.

Even though I had my brother helping me with reviewing when I was away in India, I still returned to over 1,000 pending prompts; some of which had been waiting 2 weeks for reviews.

Now, I've reduced prompt reviewing to testing out the prompt, and basically clicking a "no" button if it doesn't work, or a "yes" button if it's good.

The latter generates tags, formats the title, schedules it, and even automatically generates a thumbnail - no more photoshop required!

Auto-thumbnail on an e-sports logo prompt
Auto-thumbnail on an e-sports logo prompt

2 months ago, reviewing a prompt took 15 minutes. Now, it takes 30 seconds!

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